evcconsulting clients can choose to have their platform outsourced and hosted by evcconsulting, or they can install the platform on their own web server, either in house or at an ISP of their choice.

Hosting Options

  • Cloud Server Solution Our recommended Cloud solution is specifically designed for organizations who do not have the technical staff resources, (i.e. a webmaster, IT dept. etc.) to manage their web infrastructure and wish to completely outsource the management of both the software and hardware associated with their website. The website, along with the associated applications and data assets, are hosted and managed on our servers on a 24/7 basis.
  • Co-Location Server Solution With this option, you own the software and co-locate your dedicated web server with us or another ISP of your choice. This solution is designed for organizations that want their site on a dedicated server and who already have staff in place to manage their web applications. evcconsulting requires periodic access to the server to perform upgrades and other support functions.
  • Corporate Web Server The Corporate Web Server solution is designed for organizations who have sufficient in-house resources (technical staff, hardware and bandwidth) to host the site and the application themselves. Existing IT staff can independently manage both the web server and evcconsulting software. We provide application support for IT and system users, as well as software upgrades as they become available.

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