Using our social media, technology and management expertise, EVC helps clients to develop a course of action based on objectives that are set to achieve specific organizational goals.

We deliver a fully comprehensive site design that takes into account specific company branding through graphics, theming, content, labeling, and navigable user interfaces that are tailored to meet the browsing patterns of targeted demographics.

Our experienced developers at EVC Consulting leverage our extensive user navigation data to develop mobile responsive sites and e-publishing products that meet the growing demands of mobile web users.

Each year the experts at EVC Consulting are requested to speak at international events and offer training sessions remotely and on-site across North America.

All of EVC’s services are executed in-house by a close team of full-time staff and sought-after associates. Our team is composed of numerous experts which gives us the privilege to provide on-going support to our clients, as they request it.

We can help evaluate existing internal processes within your organization and provide the necessary direction crucial to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.

An organization’s social media presence is a pivotal piece of their marketing strategy. EVC synthesizes key messaging and designs to drive goal conversions on the social media platforms that benefit our clients the most.

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