Edify Platform

Project Overview

The Edify Platform is the next generation of Learning Management Systems. Deploying an online training initiative has traditionally been a long and arduous process, involving several teams and skill sets working together toward the final product.

Our system is designed with the e-learning production process in mind. Utilizing eighteen years of experience building and deploying e-learning programs, we have designed a system focused on work flow and customization.

This system is perfect for:


Learning Management System

Deploy your learning across platforms and devices with style! Full progress reporting plus a system we call e-measures, which allows you to create custom weighted measures, attach them to any activity and view graphical reports on the data.

E-learning Authoring and Editing Suite

Our e-authoring system is fully customizable. Create your own content, designs and branding. Use our built in activities and page types or upload your own in the form of JavaScript modules. You can design your own content editors using our simple editor configuration system.

Project Management System

Create projects, teams and even proposals for production initiatives! Our system breaks functionality in to roles. From Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Training Managers, Developers, Graphic Designers and QA Testers. Our system has you covered.

Collaborate on every aspect of the process from proposal to deployment.

Multiple Campus Deployment

You can create multiple campuses or client portals with different content that have completely separate, customizable interfaces and branding.


Create and deploy beautiful online learning across platforms and devices with efficiency and highly organized execution.

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